Ballet Black at Bernie Grant Arts


Ballet Black at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre 

By Steven Osei

An art centre based in the heart of Tottenham is not the most obvious home for a ballet. However on 14th July the Bernie Grant Arts Centre hosted Ballet Black for two nights. Founded by Cassa Pancho, Ballet Black is a ballet company that provides a home for dancers and students of black and Asian descent.

As the auditorium fills and punters take their seats the set darkens, yet remains slightly lit in warm colours. The show consists of six performers: three male and three female, in a combination of four pieces consisting of solo pieces, duets and group performances.

The dancers are dedicated to their craft, great synchronization is coupled with emotion and grace. Not to mention the conditioning of the ballet dancers…put it this way not an ounce of fat was on the perfectly chiseled dancers.

Three of the dancers come from the USA and the other three are British, the stand out performer of the evening was Cira Robinson, a fierce petite dancer who executed every move to precision.

The music in the five pieces was an eclectic mix and the wardrobe was a nice colourful array. Although there did not appear to be an overall narrative to follow, the performance was gripping and intense all the same.

If you’ve always wanted to check out a ballet but never made it happen for whatever reason, a Ballet Black show is a good place to start.