Why does Catch 22 exist?
We believe that talent is not defined by your social profile or where you come from. The idea for Catch 22 Academy was born because we identified a common challenge facing many who choose to pursue a career in the media industry - they need experience but cannot get experience, due to their lack of experience. This fundamental issue prevents a significant number of talented young journalists from realising their aspirations of making it in the field. We aim to help make the opportunities available more widely accessible for those who are less socially mobile.

Why the name Catch 22?

Catch 22 Academy is all about supporting and providing a solution for those who want experience but cannot get experience, due to their lack of experience. We feel that our name reflects our ethos. 

Is Catch 22 a registered charity?

Catch 22 is a social enterprise that is legally registered as a Community Interest Company. A social enterprise is a business that functions like any other business but what makes it different is that it is socially driven and trades for the benefit of the community.  

How long does the programme last?

We actively encourage a 12 month period of engagement within the Catch 22 experience. However, the Introduction To Multimedia Journalism Training Programme is a 14-week part-time course. You will have 15 hours of contact time per week.

Where does the training take place?
Our headquarters are based in Seven Sisters, north London. Students come to us from all over the UK, but mostly from London.

Are the internships guaranteed?
We have at least one placement secured for each trainee recruited. This does not necessarily mean every trainee will get a placement. During the initial 14-week  training programme you will need to demonstrate the passion, drive and commitment to prove that you will make the most of this golden opportunity.

What is the application criteria?
Successful applicants will need to satisfy our diversity criteria. We will prioritise those who are of a black, asian or minority ethnicity (BAME); those from households with an income of £40,000 or less; those not in education, employment or training (NEET); those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) and those who are from destabilising family circumstances.

How much does it cost?
£350 – to provide context the total cost per a trainee is more than 10 times that amount. Payment must be submitted in full one week before the programme begins. You may be entitled to pay at a concessionary rate if you are suffering severe financial hardship or if you are in receipt of state benefits. We also have a limited number of full bursary places. Please contact us for more information.

If I am unsuccessful the first time round can I apply again?

What will I gain by completing this course?
You will gain key multimedia journalistic skills and useful contacts as well as an improved understanding of the industry.

How many places are there on each course?

When does the next course start?
Our Introduction to Multimedia Journalism Training Programme runs for 14 weeks, twice a year. For specific start dates and application deadlines please click here.

What days does the programme run on?
The academy is open every week on Monday-Wednesday. Of these days, you will be allocated two office days to attend. There is an additional mandatory session that will be held every Wednesday evening.

Can I attend the course while I am at university or college?
It is possible, but not advised due to the extra workload.

Where do I apply?
Visit our how to get involved page.